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What You Need to Know from Premature rupture of membranes

Normally, rupture of membranes occurs just before delivery, which is when the pregnancy reaches the age of 38-40 weeks. However, sometimes the membranes break before their time. This condition is called premature rupture of membranes, and can endanger the condition of both mother and baby. Amniotic fluid is fluid in the bag that surrounds the fetus in the uterus. Under normal conditions, this amniotic sac will rupture just before labor occurs. However, there are times when the membranes break out faster than they should. A pregnant woman is said to experience premature rupture of membranes if: Fluid seeps before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The earlier the rupture of membranes, the more dangerous it is for the mother and her baby. Amniotic rupture occurs when gestational age is nearing the estimated day of birth, but childbirth does not occur within a period of 24 hours thereafter. Causes of Premature Amniotic Disease The exact cause of premature rupture of membranes is still not k
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This is probably the reason you are too sensitive to smell

Frequent headaches and discomfort when you smell certain odors, such as perfume or food? Maybe you have a condition that is too sensitive to smell or hyperosmia. This term comes from the word hyper which means excessive and osmia which means odor. People who experience hyperosmia will usually feel very disturbed when they smell certain odors, such as the sharp scent of a dish, perfume, shampoo, the smell of synthetic ingredients, fuels, or cleaning agents. Come, look at the possible causes and how to overcome them. Various Possible Causes of Hyperosmia The cause of hyperosmia can vary from one person to another. The following are some of the causes of hyperosmia: Migraine In addition to headaches, migraine sufferers can also experience other symptoms, one of which is hyperosmia. This condition can even occur before migraine headaches appear. In addition to hyperosmia, migraine sufferers can also experience excessive sensitivity to sound and light. Pregnancy Hormonal changes

Various Ways to Give Birth Normal Without Pain

Childbirth is a painful process and can even be life threatening. But actually, there are ways that pregnant women can give birth normally without pain. In order to get through it smoothly, be aware of the various choices of methods and medicines to relieve discomfort during labor. Pain is a sign that labor is imminent. There are various methods and drugs to help pregnant women give birth without pain. You can consult these methods with your doctor, in order to get the best treatment steps to deal with pain during childbirth. Various Drug Choices and Methods The use of drugs to launch labor may be done while under the supervision of an obstetrician. Below are the types of medicines and maternity methods that can be applied: Local anesthesia Local anesthesia is often used by doctors to relieve pain in the vagina or around the vagina. This drug is usually given to reduce pain if an incision is needed in the area around the vagina or episiotomy. However, this method cannot red